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Overview for Medical Students

Note: Outset primarily operates in partnership with medical schools. To check if your school already has a program with Outset, please contact us.
What is Outset?

Outset is a program for entering US M1s and rising M2s operating in close partnership with AccMed, the National Academy of Medicine in Italy. We coordinate logistics and partnerships for summer programs connecting US medical students and AccMed in Italy.

Why is Outset is Unique?

Outset is the only program in the world that connects future US medical students to Italy's leading physicians in the National Academy (AccMed). Through our partnership with AccMed, you will have behind-the-scenes access to some of the premier physicians in Italy today across a variety of specialties. Outset offers an unparalleled opportunity to not only make global medical connections but also learn from elite European physicians.

Schedule & Curriculum

The Outset program schedule varies by medical school. Most programs begin with a 1-week series of lectures at AccMed HQ in Rome, Genoa, or Bologna introducing the Italian national healthcare system. The remaining weeks will involve travel to a different city & intensive rotational placements with Italy's top physicians. Weekends will be free for your own travel/exploration.

Dates & Fees

Outset operates for students in the summer before M1 and during the break period between M1 and M2. Exact dates vary based on your school schedule. If you aren't sure if your school has a partnership with us, contact us. The fee for housing, flights, and logistics coordination varies based on program.


Outset is open for any rising M1 or rising M2 student enrolled in an MD or DO program in the United States.

How to apply

You can apply here! If your school does not currently have a partnership with us it may be more difficult for us to find you a spot, but apply anyway and we will try to work with you!

National Academy of Medicine (AccMed)

Learn from Italy's leading specialists affiliated with the National Academy.

Leading specialists & hospitals in Italy.

Get a behind-the-scenes look at Italy's top hospitals.

Health policy & systems

Lectures give you a deep understanding of Italy's national healthcare system.

We launched via partnership with the National Academy of Medicine (AccMed) in Italy.

Outset was founded in 2022 in close partnership with AccMed, the National Academy of Medicine in Italy. AccMed is the premier organization for Italian physicians and a founding member of the European Federation of Medical Academies (FEAM). Outset is the US operating partner for the AccMed programs.

OUR mıssıon & Vision
Our mission is to improve connections between US & Italian physicians.

The primary goal and vision of Outset is to provide programming and opportunities for future US physicians and Italian physicians to meet, connect, collaborate, and share learnings. We hope these programs result in a lifetime of improved cross-border communication.

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