ABOUT Outset

We are experienced program operators & educators.

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Where we are going

Our mission & vision

Our mission is to help the next generation of North Carolina physicians prepare for the pre-med path. Our vision is to be the leading pre-med program for North Carolina high school students with a serious interest in medical careers.

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The values that drive us forward.

We have three core values that inform everything we do at Outset. These values are simple, but every decision we make about programming or strategy is guided by these principles.

Safety First

Our primary value as a company will always be the safety of our students & programs.

Pre-med Education

We want every student to leave Outset feeling prepared for the pre-med path.

Fun & Community

We want students to build a network and friendships with other NC pre-meds.

Our leadership team

Our leadership team is made up of program operators, educators, and physicians with decades of experience building and guiding pre-med programs.

Summer 2023 applications are open! Get yours in today.

Outset is a competitive summer program and we review applications on a rolling basis. We do expect our summer 2023 cohorts to fill up, so please apply soon!

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