2-weeks / summer 2023

Pre-med summer program for NC high schoolers.

Outset is a 2-week summer program on the campus of UNC-Chapel Hill. We are helping the next generation of North Carolina physicians prepare for the M.D. path. For ages 15-18.

Prepare early for the pre-med path.

Live at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Spend two weeks living on campus in dorms at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Experience university life!

World-class pre-med curriculum.

Our trained team of educators & physicians has developed a proprietary curriculum to prepare students for pre-med.

Network with NC pre-meds.

Outset is an academic-first program, but we also want you to build lifelong friendships with high schoolers from across NC.

Our team

We are educators, physicians, and operators with a combined decades of experience running pre-med student programs.

Our mission is to create the leading summer program for North Carolina high school students interested in medicine. Our program core values are safety, career-oriented learning, and community, in that order.
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How it works

A 2-week career program on campus at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Learn from leading North Carolina doctors and medical faculty.

We have designed a world-class educational curriculum that helps high schools students (a) understand and prepare for the pre-med path and (b) get excited about medicine.

Program Overview

Every day is packed with lectures, speakers, & exciting activities.

We want students who complete Outset to get the maximum value possible out of the program. Every day is packed from start to finish with fun, learning, speakers, tours and more.

See a typical day

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