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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I apply? How competitive is Outset?

Students or parents can apply for Outset directly from our website. Just click the "Start Application" button. Within 1 business day from starting your application you will hear from our team about next steps. We do evaluate each student and look for serious, mature high-school student with strong grades and a serious interest in medicine.

What is the cost? What's included?

Our program and housing fee is $2,499 for our one-week summer programs. This includes 24/7 staff, dorm-style housing, all meals and snack, 20+ hours of classroom instruction, events, speakers, and all activities, transport, and extracurriculars.

Who are the Outset instuctors?

At Outset, our faculty consists of top-tier instructors with impressive backgrounds in medical education, career guidance, healthcare operations, healthcare technology, and more. Many of our speakers are faculty, residents or staff at UNC-Chapel Hill or Duke School of Medicine. We will share a full list of instructors, speakers, and background information closer to the summer program.

What is accommodation like?

We partner with UNC-Chapel Hill student residence halls (dorms) for Outset. To learn more about UNC housing, click here. Rooms are  shared with another student of the same gender. We understand that getting a good night of sleep is critical, so if your student has trouble sleeping with another person in the room you can request a single room for an extra fee (usually $300-400). Bathrooms are shared and usually hall-style. Typically the dorm has communal areas or common space where students can relax or study.

Is accommodation separated by gender?

All of the floors are split by gender. The boys are on a separate floor from the girls. Each floor has a chaperone (our camp counselors) of the same gender as the students on that floor. Our employees all undergo background checks and are trained and under the 24/7 supervision of our Campus Director. Only a student or staff member’s key will grant access to the student housing, and students encouraged to always lock their rooms. Student safety is always our number one priority.

Do you provide healthy meals?

Yes, students have full access to the UNC-Chapel Hill dining halls for most meals, and will have a variety of healthy options for a balanced and nutritional diet, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. To learn more about UNC dining, click here. Our staff will also make healthy snacks available throughout the day for students between meals. We understand that good food is an important part of feeling at home. A few meals during camp will be organized through local restaurants.

Are students monitored 24 hours a day?

Yes. Our camp staff and counselors live side by side with our students and are available and nearby 24/7. Of course, our team has to sleep just like students, but our team is trained to keep their phone and ringers on at all time so that students can reach out even in the middle of the night. The UNC campus is also monitored round the clock by a dedicated security team. If you have any concerns about safety, please reach out to our team and discuss them ahead of time.

Is there an onsite nurse or medical facility?

The UNC undergraduate campus is within a 5-10min drive of the world-class UNC hospitals facilities from almost any point on campus. We also have robust systems and protocols in place for all medical emergencies and our staff is trained and aware of all emergency contacts. If your child should ever feel unwell, we can help them book a doctor's appointment and chaperone them to and from it.

What are the camp hours? What's the schedule?

Typically, wake-up and breakfast starts around 7:30am each day and students have class, speakers, meals, and scheduled activities the entire day until lights out at 11:00pm. We know some students need more than 8 hours of sleep, and we encourage them to head to bed early if so. We do have limited, monitored free time throughout the two-week period, but typically not more than one or two hours a day.

Can I enroll in multiple tracks?

Yes. If you would like to enroll in multiple tracks, please indicate which tracks you are interested in on your application. We offer a 10% discount on your second or third track if you enroll in more than one.

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summer 2023

Start the pre-med journey with confidence.

Outset is designed for high school students interested in medicine. If that's you, join us for two weeks of world-class learning and fun on the campus of UNC-Chapel Hill.

Explore a medical career

Our curriculum helps you understand medical careers and what it's like to be a physician.

World-class speakers

Get inspired by physicians and faculty at North Carolina's leading medical schools and hospitals.

Insider pre-med tips

Get a head-start on the pre-med path and get our insider tips on how to be a successful pre-med.

Live at UNC-Chapel Hill

Live in dorms with other students on campus at UNC-Chapel Hill. Experience university life firsthand.

Hospital & med school tours

Visit some of North Carolina's top medical schools and hospitals and hear what it takes to get there.

Community & fun

Build friendships and a network of like-minded peers across North Carolina on the pre-med path.

Need more information? We'd be happy to help.

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instructors & content

Learn from leading NC doctors & medical faculty.

We have designed a world-class educational curriculum that helps high schools students (a) understand and prepare for the pre-med path and (b) get excited about medicine.

a packed schedule

Every day is packed with lectures, speakers, & exciting activities.

We want students who complete Outset to get the maximum value possible out of the program. Every day is packed from start to finish with fun, learning, speakers, tours and more.


Leave confident & excited for the pre-med journey.

Our primary goal, after safety, is to ensure that every Outset student leaves with real, practical guidance on the pre-med path and the journey into a healthcare career. We want your student to look back on Outset as the starting point of their path to M.D.