Program overview

Prepare for the M.D. path

Outset is a 1-week summer camp for high schoolers interested in medicine. Learn more below about the 2024 program dates below or request info today.

Dates & Fees

Summer 2024 Dates

Outset is an educational investment and we strive to deliver a world-class program. We are also 100% committed to helping students who qualify with financial aid.

June 16 - 21
June 23 - 28
June 30 - July 5
July 7 - 12
summer 2024

The best week
of your life.

Outset is designed for high school students interested in medicine. If that's you, join us for a week of world-class learning and fun on the campus of UNC-Chapel Hill.

Explore a medical career

Our curriculum helps you understand medical careers and what it's like to be a physician.

World-class speakers

Get inspired by physicians and faculty at North Carolina's leading medical schools and hospitals.

Insider pre-med tips

Get a head-start on the pre-med path and get our insider tips on how to be a successful pre-med.

Live at UNC-Chapel Hill

Live in dorms with other students on campus at UNC-Chapel Hill. Experience university life firsthand.

Hospital & med school tours

Visit some of North Carolina's top medical schools and hospitals and hear what it takes to get there.

Community & fun

Build friendships and a network of like-minded peers across North Carolina on the pre-med path.

Get a headstart

The pre-med path is challenging. Get a headstart with Outset.

It is a well-known fact that most students who start college on the pre-med track will not stick with it. This is often due to a lack of preparation and understanding of what's required to succeed. Get a headstart in high school with Outset.

learn from the best

Learn from North Carolina's leading doctors and medical school faculty.

For our program, we partner with leading physicians and medical faculty at Duke University and UNC-Chapel Hill to introduce your students to medical careers and opportunities.

why we exist

Our mission is to prepare the next generation of American doctors.

The medical education path is long and challenging. Many students who could be great physicians drop out because of a lack of preparation and insider information.

We founded Outset so that students could prepare early and comprehensively for the medical education journey.

Why do Outset?

There are dozens of reasons to choose Outset this summer, but we've compiled the answers from some of our team members so you can hear it in their own words.

"We are extremely excited to host Outset students this summer at UNC-Chapel Hill. It will be an exciting pre-med program focused on learning, activities, and more.
Lawson Kuehnert
Executive Director, Outset